Sunday, April 26, 2009

I was at The Coffeeshop That Begins With A "Star" And Ends With A "Bucks" (as it is called around the apartment, so as not to upset my roommate who somehow thinks you can avoid "globalization" and other supposedly black and white concepts), reading about alternative energy resources while listening to Guster on headphones in order to drown out the sound of the girls gabbing away behind me.

The warm sun was filtered through the leaves of a tree outside, and everything was cast in a surreal, golden light. The book fell onto my lap and instead I watched people walk by, completely unaware of how closely they were being observed by the girl in a second story window. To tell you the truth I've said it before / Tomorrow I start in a new direction / I know I've been half-asleep / I'm never doing that again The lyrics in my headphones struck a chord with me -- either that, or with the drugs I'm on. I'm beginning to feel like a caricature of myself.

As far as Athens living, it's finally getting to the point at which I run into people I know. Vanessa saw me yesterday on Broad Street (being interviewed for Judson's documentary). Things are beginning to feel cozy...just in time for fall.