Monday, April 14, 2008

A little about me...

A little about me... well! I've met a few people off of the site - a few oddballs, and a few genuine, quality people, so all-in-all I've had it pretty easy, but I always appreciate a good first date horror story so please do share! ;) Haha! I've just recently completed university and am entering the "real world" with a bit of trepidation - why is it all of you in the working world insist you'd much rather be back in school? Not very encouraging! Haha! I've done both college and university and now plan on getting into real estate, something I'm incredibly excited about! I am originally from a small(ish) town and love country music (I can two-step! Can you?) as well as other genres of music. I love seeing live music, especially acoustic! I consider myself to be an okay singer so if you can play guitar maybe we can form a band? ;) I don't have a real "type" that I am attracted to, it's all in the chemistry, but if you've got a great sense of humour then you're already good in my books!

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David Pierce said...

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